Pickle Me Soyabean with Garlic Pickle- 250g

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Soyabean with Garlic is an amazing chili variety that is used in almost every dish that is made in an Indian Kitchen. Garlic is a pod packed with flavor and antioxidants that has numerous health benefits. The heavenly amalgamation of the two items in a pickled jar is what we live for. Garlic and Soyabean is a great condiment with such intense flavors, marinating the garlic with spices and brine makes the garlic absorb all the flavors from these herbs and spices and so makes for a great pickle to eat your foods with.

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The largest variety of vegetables made into pickles sourced from the organic gardens of the state of Sikkim, Pickle me is a company that sells homemade style vegetable pickles. Fresh organic ingredients blended with the most exuberant combination of spices make a jar of fresh vegetable pickles out of the Pickle me factory. Try these beautifully flavored pickles of different vegetable combinations to add a punch to your mealtime!

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