Pickle Me Chicken Pickle- 250g

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Chicken Pickle is made of juicy chicken meat that has an amazing flavor. The chicken is first smoked to attain the smokiness in the meat. Later the meat is pulled and shredded so as to make it easy for consumption as chutney rather than entire chunks of meat. This also allows the meat to absorb a lot of herbs, spices and condiments that goes into making this chutney. The chicken chutney is ideal for consumption as a meal in the day or even as snacks within meal times. The flavors are so addictive that you cannot stop at a spoonful of this dry chicken pickle.

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The largest variety of vegetables made into pickles sourced from the organic gardens of the state of Sikkim, Pickle me is a company that sells homemade style vegetable pickles. Fresh organic ingredients blended with the most exuberant combination of spices make a jar of fresh vegetable pickles out of the Pickle me factory. Try these beautifully flavored pickles of different vegetable combinations to add a punch to your mealtime! Buy Pickle Me Chicken Pickle

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