Himalayan Natives Multi Floral Raw Honey- 700g


Our multi floral raw honey does not go through pasteurization, and hence retains the original taste, look, and nutrition of raw honey. It contains bee pollen and bee propolis that have high nutritive value. The look and taste may vary from batch to batch, as the season, and flowers from which the nectar is collected by the bees can vary.

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Himalayan natives are a Himalayan Food company that was born out of their love for nature and a passion for unadulterated and pure foods. Himalayan natives bring to you 100% natural, wholesome and joyous food, sourced lovingly from the pristine Himalayan region. Their endeavor is to inspire and encourage everyone to live a soulful and healthy life by consuming food that is pure and untarnished by manual intervention, just as nature intended. They have a wide range of pure unadulterated products that are sourced from the very Himalayas and its many elements.

Weight 1.490 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 15 cm


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