The Hornbill Festival that is conducted by the State government of Nagaland is a major event that is going to take place in the heritage village of Kisama, about 12 km from Kohima. The event starts on the 1st day of the month of December 2021. The festival is a cultural extravaganza that is paired with a really REALLY long list of activities to participate in. I would like to state this in advance: if you are travelling to the festival this year, be prepared, rest beforehand, and come to the festival with a lot of energy because it is going to be a bombastic show this year.

In this piece, we are going to explore every aspect of the festival that you will need to know. Starting from an events list in the chronological order, later event posters, the standard operating procedure for travellers who are going to be at the festival, and a list of hotels, home stays and guesthouses that you can stay in will be provided below.

Without further ado, let’s start the list because it is a long one for sure:


Make sure you read this S.O.P. very carefully and abide by it so that you have the smoothest stay and times throughout the HORN BILL FESTIVAL 2021.

Here’s a chronological list of how the events will take place on a daily basis throughout the festival.

Here are different posters that advertise the humongous spread of exciting events bound to happen during the event.

If you are not already prepared with where you are about to stay let us give you a list of numbers for hotels and home stays nearby.




This was the list of events entailed in the 10 day long festival. Now if you take our advice, plan each day well in advance so that you do not have a lot of trouble deciding which activity to attend on a particular day. Keep a diary where you can jot down the events you are interested in, the timing of the event and the venue of the event.

The hornbill festival this year is going to be really amazing, imagine dancing and singing to the tunes of some of the best bands of the country amidst green grasses that sway with you and the cool valley breeze. It’s just one of those festivals that will help you reconnect with yourself, your joys, your leisure’s and your pride. Love yourself some more, live a little more and have a great time at the HONBILL FESTIVAL 2021.


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