About Us

NE Origins is an online marketplace that sells products sourced from amidst the greenest hills and the pristine Himalayas and made with the goodness of raw resources, a precision in the creative process and a load of affection of the north-eastern diversity.

Our ideals revolve around

Providing the customers a heightened sense of belonging to the North East.

A passion to manage supply and demand.

Operational excellence.

A long term thinking process and

Customer centric rather than competitor or competition centricity.

A love for inventions and creation.

The products have tasted the air of the gushing Himalayan rivers, aromatic herbs and spices, lengthy creating processes and the sturdiness of the people’s character who produce pure and class goods that hold true to the face of a quintessential North eastern experience.

We take great pride in being an eco-friendly operating company with our aims to:

Operate Sustainably

We take a longer road based on a scientific approach to keep our carbon missions measured and checked within our operating process.

Social Advancements

Our workplace commits to and promotes inclusive and safe spaces within our operations as well as throughout our value chain.

Our platform is a combined voice of the most efficient companies and partners of the north east who take pride in the unity of the states for the functioning of a sustainable and a self-sufficient enterprise.

Our logo portrays a geometric flower with well-marked borders. Each petal signifies one of the north eastern states, the green colour signifies the connection to nature that is highly revered in the north eastern states and the border signifies that united functioning system of each state that enhances the state image. The centre of the flower, which is usually the ovary of the entire plant, is in a soft feminine colour signifying the women-based core team that runs this enterprise and is basically the productive core of the entire company.